Tonareli Deluxe Fiberglass Cello Case with Wheels


Sale price $629.00 Regular price $750.00

Very easy to handle with a traveling handle up top. High impact rubber wheels with smooth rolling ball bearings positioned on the side of the case allowing navigation through those tight spaces. Even the most odd shaped cello can be completely suspended inside the case for maximum cushioning.

Comes with a lid strap as to open your case with ease. A very sleek looking case in turquoise gloss (very nice!)

Exterior dimensions
Total length 139 cm (~54 3/4 Inches)
Upper bout 45.8 cm (~18 Inches)
Lower bout 56 cm (~22 Inches)

Internal dimensions
Total length 132 cm (~52 Inches)
Upper bout 38 cm (~15 Inches)
Lower bout 48 cm (~18.8 Inches)